Alabama Department of Labor

Alabama Department of Labor address is 649 Monroe St, Montgomery, Alabama 36131, the main phone number is 334-242-8990 but you may also use the following Alabama DOL phone numbers:

Alabama DOL Main Number: 800-548-2546
(TTY) and 711 (Voice)
Report Fraud or call 1-855-234-2856
Training: (334) 956-7308
Employer Tax Account numbers: (334) 954-4730
Workers Compensation: 1-800-528-5166 or (334) 956-4044
Chief Inspector: (334) 956-7411
Executive Assistant:(334) 956-7411
Data Entry: (334) 956-7410
Deputy Inspectors: (334) 324-8701
Internal Security: (334) 954-4076

Alabama Department of Labor Fax Number: 334-242-3960

Alabama Department of Labor Phone Number

What is Alabama Department of Labor Phone Number?

Alabama Department of Labor phone number where you can talk to a real person in labor and unemployment matters is 334-242-8990

Alabama Department of Labor Website

Alabama Department of Labor Headquarters Mailing Address

Below is Alabama Department of Labor headquarters mailing address:

Agency: Alabama Department of Labor
Street: 649 Monroe St
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
ZIP Code: 36131

What services and information are provided by Alabama Department of Labor?

Alabama Department of Labor is Alabama state labor and unemployement agency that provides public services, regulation, licenses and information including:

* Workforce Development
* Unemployment Management
* Reemployment Assistance
* Helping Residents Get Back to Work
* Business Support & Growth
* Community Development
* Workforce & Employees Safety Guidelines and enforcement
* PUA Unemployment
* Labor Regulations
* Workplace rights
* Labor Data, State Statistics & Public Records
* Career Development

Alabama Department of Labor Important Facts
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